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Growing Pains


Does your agency or business have any of these growing pains?


  • plagued by unexpected cash crunches

  • need to hire but not confident  money is available

  • difficulty writing proposals because costs are hard to identify and calculate

  • not sure which projects and clients are making  or losing money

  • margins are low, and you’re not sure where to begin to increase them


               Ready to talk about your growing pains? 

Case Studies

Saved $11,000 last year in payment processing – paying contract workers was a costly aggravation and time suck. 

After losing everything in the bust of 2008, Mike decided to try again – this time with a virtual business.

Saved $6,000 in taxes last year – “Why didn’t my CPA tell me about this?”  

About 6 years ago, Larry (a solopreneur) decided to go on his own.  Larry and I have known each other for years. 

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